Node.js Projects with Netbeans

For everyone who would like to use Netbeans for developing Node.js projects, I found a nice little plugin that makes it possible.
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Routing and camel case controller names in Zend Framework 2

I was trying out Zend Framework 2 the last days and prototyped a website. I wanted to use camel cased controller names. This is what I figured out.
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How to create groups in select boxes with Zend Framework 2

If you want to create a select drop down with Zend Framework 2 which contains groups and looks like this:
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Debugging Android Apps on Device with Netbeans

I was recently working on some Android projects. For development I personally prefer using Netbeans. With the nbandroid plugin ( it is possible to use Netbeans to develop and compile your android applications. You even get the output from logcat to the console of your Netbeans which is pretty nice. But sooner or later you will need a real debugger, to step into your code. Read More →

applicationDidFinishLaunching hook

If you have some code, maybe in a library, and you want to be informed about the applicationDidFinishLaunching message you can do this be registering a notification. Read More →

Unity3D native code and the iOS Simulator

If you ever tried running your Unity game on the simulator you will be glad to hear that normaly this should work right out of the box. But if you have some native code in your project you will notice that these function are not called and you see some exceptions in your xcode console. This is because Unity does not register the native code function when building for the iOS Simulator. Read More →

XCode library for iOS and the Simulator

If you build a library in XCode and want it to be usable on the device and with the simulator you need to build an universal package. A universal package contains compiled code for multiple architectures. That is required because the device has an armv6/armv7/armv7s architecture depending on its generation and the simulator runs on your mac which has an i386 processor. Read More →

Find svn externals

Ever had the problem that you have some externals on your svn repository defined, but you don’t remember where you put them? Here is the command to list all external recursively on your svn directory:

svn propget svn:externals -R

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